Why This Domain Name For A Computer Website?

Why? versus Why Not?

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Someone asked “Why do you use this Domain Name ( www.prawfeed-marketing.com ) for your Computer website ?” My answer was “Why Not ?”


Why “Prawfeed-Marketing” Domain Name?

Most people know that it is preferred to have a good Domain Name that really relate well to your website or Blog theme but if the subject matter is so heavily taken up ( such as Computer or make money), it is not surprising that you will not even have a simple name for it. Does LearnAboutComputer.com looks good ? Maybe yes or maybe no but most  probably it is already taken up.

Searching for the right Domain Name can sometimes be very frustrating but as long as you re-direct the traffics properly to your web page, sooner or later, the visitors will know more about it eventually.

Also, you may have the most beautifully worded Domain Name but if your content sucks then no one will stay there for long either.

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Another area of concern is the English Grammar that was displayed on the website but I have seen Guru’s doing very well despite the poor grammar they have shown on their web blogs.

There is a saying ” One’s man meat is another man’s poison !”

If you know of anyone who is starting out with their first computer in their life, do them a favor by directing them to prawfeed marketing.com so that they can learn more about the Computer System that they are using without incurring additional money.

The website will be suitable for the following people :

1. Those who are 1st timer to the usage of a PC System (or seen one, if they are from Stone Age! )

2. For people wanting to know more of their computer system, just like they want to know more about their car.

3. For people who claims to be slow-learner and yet have the time to visit prawfeed-marketing.com over and over without annoying those around them who were impatient to teach them.

Actually it is for anyone willing enough to know about their computer system so that it can be leverage on to make money on web in future.

What Exactly Does Prawfeed Means?

Seriously? I don’t know really but after some thoughts, it can be describe as such :

Prawfeed can be represented by breaking into 3 consonants : P-Raw-Feed

P represents Plenty, Potential, Phenomenal … anything good!

Raw represents Latest, Unheard yet, Not polluted, Brand New, Fresh

Feed represents Information, Article, News etc that people can digest about

Therefore Prawfeed (sound like PROFIT)  to me could be translated into “Plenty of new or fresh information regarding a particular subject topic”

It will be a triumph for this Blog site if majority of the contents to be posted here in future will be deem as something new that people can takeaway for decision making.

So, when asked “Why This Domain Name ?” I guess I will replied as shown above.


I hope you will enjoy all the articles available here and at the same time, provide any tips or useful information for the visitors and readers here!


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