Why Online or Network Marketing?

After getting involve with Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM for almost 12 years , it is surprising to note that there are still many learned people avoiding it like a plague, worst still, their reasoning on why they do not want to get involves with this kind of business opportunity is laughable. It truly shows their FEAR due to False Evidence Appearing Real that are derived from the kind of information that they had received so far about the industry. Their ignorance or naivety at times do baffled me.

They make decisions based on information received from other people who were less informed then them regarding MLM or Network Marketing. They were also known to have make decision after hearing from people who had not done it before! It’s like asking a hawker whether becoming a doctor is right for you!

To me, they seem kind of stupid and my conclusion is that they were too AFRAID to even try it in the first place..


Why are people still afraid of MLM?

The MLM or Network Marketing business has been around for close to 90 years by now, yet it is not as old as the Insurance industry which is more than 160 years old and had also accumulated quite a lot of bad publicity about the industry during first few decades. Today, people are buying insurance voluntarily without anyone knocking at their door!

For 2 to 4 decades, many smart crook exploited the potential of the MLM business model by creating their own business model to cheat people of their money. That resulted in the world having several Ponzi or Pyramid Scams. Over a period of time, people became aware of the negative aspect of the business instead of the good one. It is also during these period (the 80s to the 90s, I believed) that most countries with MLM companies started to take a serious look at those ponzi and pyramid scams and declared them illegal by Law. Whoever partake in such schemes were punished severely.


What happen next?

Somewhere in the 80s to 90s, most countries that embraced the MLM or Network Marketing businesses started their own Direct Sales Association that looks after the interest of these companies and their distributors. They act as an agency that investigate, mitigate or mete out punishment to any MLM companies that do not operate within the Law of the Country.

Singapore opens up its market on December 2000 to the MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales industry after understanding about the legitimacy of the business!

Yet you will encounter “learned or educated people” refusing to believe that the Government had allowed such kind of business to set up shop in their country.

During the last 10 years or more, you rarely hear about any Ponzi or Pyramid Marketing in operation any more, YET when there are any incident regarding it, the whole industry reputation suffered because of this 1 case. People will avoid it or shunned it just because of that sole incident. To me, its like “Not driving a car anymore just because someone you know went through an accident” OR “Not eating a fish anymore just because you have been choked by the bone before” Stupid, isn’t?

How would you re-act if everyone you know go around telling people not to drive or eat any fish because such incidents happened to them before? Seems stupid right? BUT that is exactly what people are doing to the MLM industry!


Instead of focusing on the negativity, many people FAILED to look at what had happened to the MLM or Network Marketing industry during the past twenty (20) years:

  • The industry is now a Trillion dollars potential covering anything from Household to Wellness, Anti-Aging and even Travels for Dream Holiday!
  • Most Internet or Online Opportunities are using this Model of Business too!
  • Over the years, many distributors who partake in it became financially rich. Some MLM companies even declared them as Million Dollars Achiever, meaning to say, people who became Millionaire because of such a business model. What does this tells you?
  • Even big time entrepreneur such as Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki gave accolade to this form of business generation. Do they look like a stupid fool to anyone?
  • More and more professionals, including the stayed-at-home-housewives, are joining the industry. You will find doctors, lawyers, teachers, pharmacists, accountants and even successful conventional businessmen or businesswomen in any MLM gatherings or conventions. Why?


Do you really think these professionals are OUT OF THEIR MIND?

This is the only industry that has no limitation about who should or should not join the business opportunity except that You must be within the Legal Working Age of your country (usually 18 years old!). It comprises of the educated and uneducated, the rich and the poor, the tall and the thin, the fat and the slim, the good and the ugly etc. It had no boundaries (more than 23 major countries are now opened to MLM or Network Marketing Companies), it has no race or religion restriction too. As of 2015, all are making billions of dollars in what is term as Direct Sales.

For some Companies, you can literally sell their products cross-border without any restrictions or worry about the law as long as you are selling in accordance to the approved website pricing and approved products of that respective countries. Meaning to say, that …



Even China, known as the toughest country to set up shop for Network Marketing businesses has a ranking of Top 1 or 2 in Asia. Yet, there are many people (educated and uneducated) who still insist that the MLM or Network Marketing model is shady, untrustworthy or too risky. Instead, they rather choose the conventional way of making money by SELLING their time for money (JOB) which they have totally no control of. OR, they will embark on their own venture to try becoming their own BOSS without realizing that its more like a JOB but at the expense of even MORE PERSONAL TIME and MONEY.

Are you afraid of MLM? and WHY? Only you have the answer for yourself BUT after reading the above information, I sincerely hope that YOU have a clearer picture on what is happening around you. The MLM or Network Marketing is ever growing and will never stopped for a long long time, trust me!

Only those who embraced it has a BETTER CHANCE of achieving Financial Freedom or Time Freedom. All you need is a little education and exposure to such an environment. Nevertheless, whether YOU are brave enough to give it a shot or not, the DECISION and CHOICE still lies with you.


Albert Einstein said “Doing the same thing day after day and expecting a different result is INSANITY!”

Are you like this? I was like that too but now things are different as I embrace this model of business into my life. No doubt, I would love to be rich but it is a tough business. It is a fact that not every will become rich getting involves with the business but the chance or odd are better than buying a lottery. 😉 At least I am way ahead of most people in terms of mindset and dedication to all my undertakings in life and I have no regrets.

If you are keen to know more about MLM or Network Marketing, read those articles appended below? My sincere wish is that it will give you a different perspective about the Business Opportunity or potential of such a business model. It is hope that over time, you will make an informed decision whether to get involve with it or not. Cheers!


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