When Will We Learn ?

H1n1 virus or the swine flu

3dman_eu / Pixabay

Ever since H1N1 virus hit our shore, the daily infected cases seems to be growing and just this week alone, the numbers of cases has tripled ! Raising from 34 to 126 !

Despite the fact that it could develop to a SARS-liked pandemic, many people still  travels to countries that has such cases and eventually brought this virus back to our shore.  This is what I called a STUBBORN action. Perhaps their mind always think that “It won’t happen to me !”

There are many things that we cannot control in life and this is one aspect of it.

Similarly, there is a lot of Internet Scams or Hype-Up related Internet Marketing Business that you must be aware of while searching for a solution on the web. Sometimes your mind might tell you that “it might not happened to me” but the chances is that IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU !

You could explore whatever opportunities there is which are available to you but please do your due diligence before reaching out for your Credit Card or Wallet. Becoming involved with Social Media can sometimes be of help to your decision making too. Like me, I joined Twitter to get more feedback and information that I need and since becoming a member of the community 3 months ago, my number of followers is now almost 8,000, not bad for a newbie, right ?

You can also help others to learn more about computer from my website and who knows they will appreciate you by re-tweeting your messages in Twitter and that will help you grow your followers list too.

Lets socialize together and help one another to achieve what we want in life!

Cheers !

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