Time and Effort Compounding

In order to achieve the kind of Passive Income with a group of like-minded people in your organization, you must understanding another concept known as “Time & Effort Compounding”

What does this mean?

Well, everyone of us have 24 hours per day, nothing more nothing less. What you want to do with your time is your own choice.

Most people (98%) will do the following:

a. Spend about one-third of their time Sleeping or Recuperating (physically and mentally)

b. Spend one-third of their time Working for someone else for a Salary

c. Spend last one-third of their time Commuting, Recreation, Chores and other time wasting events. However, a small percentage of people spend it wisely to upgrade themselves (emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually and financially)

Imagine yourself getting involve with a Network Marketing or MLM Business and you decided to allocate 5 hours weekly for learning the business. You only gets 5 hours of work done, right? No difference with a Job.  

You were then taught by your System Training to Duplicate your effort by looking for some right people to join you in the business. Let’s supposed you found 5 people who are interested in what you do and they also put in the same 5 hours weekly to build THEIR OWN BUSINESS, how much work is done now? Yes, you have 25+5 hours going into your business!   

Can you work 30 hours by yourself? No problem, right? Now, increase your output to 10 hours and your total group effort including yours is now 60 hours ( technically you are working 2 1/2 days without rest ). What’s if your total group output is 720 hours? Its equivalent to a month working effort but Can  you work 1 whole month without rest or sleep? No Way! With Network Marketing or MLM, You Can! This is what we call “Time & Effort Compounding”  

What is also interesting is that if you have distributors or business partners at the other side of the globe working the business, your overall business literally runs 24 x 7 or 365 days per annum without a break!

It is only through such a business model that you can generate the kind of passive income or business structure you want in the long run. The kind of income that can give you TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

This Passive Income or business is unlike those you see around you everyday, it’s more of a Legacy Income or Business. That means you can pass the whole business that you have created to your next generation or next-of-kin e.g. Your Children or Grandchildren.

Some well known Network Marketing or MLM Company already had record of distributors passing down their businesses to their Fourth Generation. Check with their Auditors?

So, exactly what can You achieve out of this business?

I really don’t know! You must first ASK YOURSELF “What Do I Really Want?” 

Only then you will really know how HUNGRY you are. Different people have different desire or expectations. Their Dream of having a Million Dollars may not be what you want or need, perhaps you are only seeking an extra amount of $200 to $500 a month.

Some people works the business to satisfy their personal ego, whilst others try to address their emotional or physical issue BUT majority of them is about Financial issue.    

Which category or area of improvement are you seeking for yourself? Instead of asking your potential Sponsor or Introducer “How much are you making now?” or “Have you achieve this or that recognition?” You should instead ask yourself “How can this business opportunity helps me?” or “How can I participate in this business to get what I want?” or “What should I do to know more about it?”

Always remember that to make more money, doing it alone will not help you make much  (you only have 24 hours daily) but by tapping on the Power of Leveraging plus Time and Effort Compounding, the potential income coming to you can be exponential or astonishing.

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