The Truth About High Fiber Diets

The Truth About High Fiber Diets

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The popular high fiber diet programs claim that you won’t have to think about calories if you just pack your diet full with enough fiber. This high fiber weight loss plan assumes you will feel satiated and stop eating once your belly is distended enough from all that fiber. High fiber diet proponents are relying on fiber to counteract the impact of high sugar foods, which makes sense in theory, but doesn’t always work efficiently enough in reality.


It’s true that fiber is excellent for you, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. It cleans out your colon, which is good for your overall digestive system. It helps you feel full. Fiber also helps regulate your blood sugar level, preventing the release of too much insulin, which can cause your body to store more calories as fat. Fiber, when eaten with high sugar foods, will reduce your blood sugar level, meaning your body will make less insulin, and your steady blood sugar level will result in fewer cravings.


But will eating a high fiber diet ensure weight loss?


It’s true that fiber will fill you up, but it will also distend your stomach, stretching it such that you will need more food to feel satisfied. This results in the proverbial “hollow leg”, or the ability to eat lots of food. Also, there are enough calorie-efficient foods (think of fudge, cream, frosting, etc.) to sabotage such a diet effort. The bottom line is you can’t rely on a high fiber diet to make you lose weight.


What is a wise weight loss solution? Eat plenty of high fiber foods, but make sure you aren’t allowing yourself to overeat on high calorie foods. Use portion control, count calories, and get daily exercise, limiting high calorie foods and relying on calorie-control and exercise to shed pounds.



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