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It’s been months since I’d updated this Blog because I was busy concentrating on the other blogs of mine and come to realized that I am still going around in circles regarding what I wanted to do. Well, it’s human nature to be undecisive or indecisive in the things that we do, right?

Besides, procrastination sets in whenever there are too much work needed to be done!

Prawfeed Marketing is Back!

Anyway, it is still the intention of Prawfeed Marketing website to continue providing some form of assistance to the new computer users out there, but most of them are pretty IT savvy today. Instead of focusing too much on the IT or hardware aspect, it will provide more and more Internet related activities that can taught to ANYONE to learn how to make money online or offline soon.

There will be plenty of tips, solutions and recommendations made available to the visitors and subscribers of this blog. Those people wanting to know more about what a Home Business or an Internet Marketing activity is, will be in for a surprise!

There will still be plenty of freebies around (if you are seeking) and also truthful and serious recommendation of products or services that I had personally tried or tested on and which I believed they can be useful to you.

HOWEVER, please be patient because it will takes time to fully revamped this blog from old to new and hopefully regained the crowd it used to have. Prior to the Google Panda exercise, this site had even achieved a PR1 ranking for a period of time. Something that I am still proud of!

Anyway, remember to bookmark this page so that you can remember to come back here for more information in the near future. This blog is ALWAYS opened for suggestions, ideas or even contribution of articles that will help the visitors here. Your participation is a privilege to me 😆 .

You can consider visiting my personal blog at WilliamSiong.Com or my newly created exploratory eSHOP. (No worry it is still safe to buy!)

Till the next time, Have A Great Day!

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