News On Susan Boyle and Swine Flu !

Susan Boyle of Britain Got TalentAfter 2 weeks of excitement in Youtube where Susan Boyle managed to break  record for having the most number of viewers ( around 50 Millions but 207 Millions as of April 2017) . Another news also hits the world and now everyone is terrified of the Swine Flu epidermic that could be worse than the SARS.

How do we know such news at first notice ? Through the INTERNET of course ! As more and more people are learning how to use the Internet for information pertaining to their needs and wants, they are also able to get 1st hand information in real time for anything that warrants instant attention or action.

It is also true that there are many newbies, newcomers or beginners who are learning about computer and they have not surf the web as they are not knowledgeable enough to venture into the world wide web. We should in whatever way help this groups of people to achieve what they want. If you do not have the time nor the expertise, fret not because you can always point them to the right place where they can learn it for FREE.

It is only with such unselfish act that you can also assure that they can learn to easily find any News on Susan Boyle or the Swine Flu or any other subject topics by using the Search Engine or YouTube etc.

In time like this, we should not be too focus on making money or gossiping, we should show concern for others or give a helping hands in whatever way we can afford to.

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