Need Stress Relief NOW?

Need Stress Relief NOW?

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Need stress relief NOW?

Can’t wait for a yoga class or a massage for relief? These stress relief tips will help you get through the moment.

Get out of the situation.


If a work situation is getting tough to handle, slip out to the restroom for a break.

Are your kids pushing your buttons? Send them to their rooms and get a minute alone to think.

Is your partner being overly emotional? Tell your significant other you need twenty minutes to think and leave the room.

In a long-term stressful situation? Schedule a day off.

Just by getting out of the stressful situation, you will feel better as your stress level sinks. Use that time away wisely.

Breathe deeply. Deep breathing automatically lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, both of which are linked to your body’s stress response. Pay attention to your breath as you inhale, hold it, and then slowly exhale. When you’ve regained emotional control, you can go back into the stressful situation.

Put the problem at hand into perspective.

  1. How important is this stressor, in the big picture of life?
  2. Is your career in jeopardy?
  3. Your relationship with your child or spouse?
  4. Is this a life-threatening situation?
  5. Think of the other parts of your life that are positive.
  6. Can the problem at hand be fixed easily?
  7. Figure out what your responsibility is.


Come up with a course of action. Using the new perspective you’ve gained, plan out what you can do to help solve the problem. Refuse to take responsibility for the things you can’t do anything about, make concrete plans for things you can do, and let the rest go.

Try to promote a peaceful approach to the problem. If the other people are still highly stressed, try to be a calming influence on the situation. Look for ways to work together, avoid blame, and find answers.

You need to actively manage your stress. If you are often stressed out, you will benefit from regular stress relief activities.

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