Make Sure You Consistently Change Your Oil

Make Sure You Consistently Change Your Oil Filter

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Oil changes are the most important piece of the maintenance plan of your car. It will determine how long the vital parts in your motor will last. If you change your oil religiously you will be able to drive your car for a very long time. Major mechanical issues resulting in a car failing to last is the common result from those who don’t change their oil. This is a main reason that you should only be using the best oil filters that you can buy.

There isn’t a better name in oil than the Mobil company. Quality motor oils have been their creation for many decades. Knowing this it should come as no surprise that they also make one of the best oil filters in the industry. A few leaves inside the filter is not enough to be an efficient oil filter. Actually taking a look inside the filter after opening it is the only way to tell for sure. Mobil has been tested and cut open by many of the top consumer reporting agencies. All of them have listed Mobil as one of the best.

Mobil is able to trap a majority of dirt and grime inside your oil with their extra filtration. When tested their filters far outperformed their competitors. Holding twice as many contaminants as their competitors is another advantage. Your oil system will remain clean and you can believe this with confidence. The mobil brand of filters are built to with stand added stress to protect you should you go further than your normal oil change interval.

So next time you change the oil in your car be sure to grab a Mobil filter. Full synthetic Mobil One oil should also be something you decide to use with the filter. The absolute best protection you can have will be the result of you using these two products together on your car. Your car will go well beyond the normal mileage that its predecessors have gone.

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