Make Money Smartly with ProSumer Power


What will be describe here is a process that not many people know of, YET there is a community of people utilizing its power to make money smartly with it, whether its an online or offline businesses. It is known as the Prosumer Power.

What is the ProSumer Power?

How does the word comes about? It is a combination of 2 word “Producer”  and “Consumer“.  The “Pro” from Producer and the “sumer” from Consumer.

 What does it mean ?

As we all understand, Producer means someone who create or produce a product to sell and thus they MAKE money. Consumer are people like You and Me who buys the goods therefore we SPEND money. 

ProSumer means someone who MAKE MONEY WHILE SPENDING MONEY to buy the goods or products they need ANYWAY. e.g. your monthly household groceries like soap, detergent, shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste etc

How is this possible?


Well, let’s have a look at this analogy:


Supposed a manufacturer produced a Shirt which cost only $10 and when they appoint their wholesaler who eventually markup the price of the Shirt by 20%, the Shirt now cost $12, the wholesaler in turn appoint their Distributor who also mark up 20% ( $14.40 ), who also appointed their Retailer, another 20% is add on, now the Shirt is $17.30 not forgetting whatever add-on for Import/Export or Advertisements etc.


By the time it reaches you, the price of the shirt is Doubled or more. So, who is making the money?


Well, it’s all the above-mentioned except YOU!


Now, imagine that you come across a company that sell products which you would buy ANYWAY from the stores around your vicinity but INSTEAD you become their Member to get an entitlement for some rebates if you buy from them, nothing new, right?

AND when you introduce your friends or neighbors to this company to buy the things that they wanted to buy Anyway (they benefited from the program too).

What is important is that the company KNOWS that you are the INTRODUCER and as a result, reward you with some token  of appreciation like POINTS that you can accumulate and exchange for stuffs or MONEY later on.

At the same  time, the Company is teaching or educating You, your neighbors or friends who have joined your business to do exactly what you are doing now. This is known as the Duplication Process.  


In time to come, you will have a group of people eager to generate something ON THEIR OWN (different people have different agenda in life) and they capitalize on the SYSTEM OF DUPLICATION to extend or increase their own income or group. And when you have a large Distribution Structure, the company reward you even more, in terms of Recognition as well as monetary gains.


Your affiliates, downlines and friends would eventually become a full-fledged businessmen or businesswomen, just like yourself!


Where else can you buy your ANYWAY goods YET learn about becoming a business person? One that I personally recommend is SFI/TripleClicks. If you are not keen on building a business but just wanted to buy stuffs or make money by referring others to it, just join the TripleClicks e-Commerce platform is sufficient enough.


Over a period of time, these rewards or incentives will far exceed the Salary that you are making from your regular mainstream job. What will you do then? Will you consider doing it full time from home?


From my experiences, many of these earners decides to turn their side business in a Full-Time role. They do not have a boss to report to as they become a BOSS  themselves. Their desire to make more money is their decision alone, no one can stop them from deciding how much they wanted to make each month or how much increment they wanted for themselves!

This is what Prosumer Power can do for you.


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