Looking For Motivation to Become a Runner?



Have you considered taking up running, but thought it would be too hard? If you can walk, you can run. The following five reasons will help you find the determination to start running.

Running is an excellent cardio workout. If you’re new to running, you’ll want to work your way into it, walking for a minute, then running for a minute, on and off as you make your way to running without breaks. Every time you run, you’ll notice your heart rate races to a fat burning or cardio exercise range, which strengthens your heart and lungs.

Running is great defense against osteoporosis. The pounding on the pavement is great for increasing bone density, something other cardio workouts like swimming and biking can’t provide.

Running is a fabulous calorie burner. For example, you’ll burn 330 calories in a half hour if you weigh 150 pounds and run at a ten-minute per mile pace. If that same person walked at a fifteen-minute-mile pace, she’d only burn 150 calories.

Running will de-stress you. Not only does running make you feel like a superhero, but it is one of those things that strips the stress right out of your body. If you run good and hard, your body will produce an extra dose of endorphins, that feel-good hormone we all want more of. Not to mention how amazing that post-run shower will feel; it’s like no other shower.

Running is inexpensive and versatile. You’ll want to spend the money for an excellent pair of running shoes, but after you’ve got that, you’re all set to find the first road, path, or track available. It’s best to run on soft surfaces (treadmill, dirt path, or track) for about fifty percent of the time, saving your joints from the harder pounding on the pavement or cement sidewalks.

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