Is Multi-Tasking Really Helpful?

Multi tasking

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It has been a while since I came to update this blog and surprisingly there are still visitors here everyday and hopefully they will also visit my main blogs at MakeMoneySmartly.Com as well as WilliamSiong.Com
One of the main reason is that the previous Theme are no longer viable as it is not a responsive one, as such my visitors who utilizes their mobile or smartphone to read will problem browsing those articles available here.
Although the header graphic for the old theme is the best I have used so far, the differences in its color output on those written articles was really annoying and therefore this new theme was selected after several selection made. Hope you find it comfortable reading the content now.
While re-creating my website pages at recently, I find it hard to stay in focus. The main index page is still a static one but the remaining 70+ pages or more articles had been converted to WordPress pages. You can view the whole site now at and hopefully you will like it and recommend to those in need of such information.
My journey online since I started 7 years ago had not been an easy one but fortunately I was able to grasped much knowledge and skill along the way and its time that I share them with those people who are connecting with me or fated to meet here.
Lately I watched a video by a very successful internet marketer and he explained why multitasking actually reduces our IQ level and I am beginning to believe in him. I realized that although I can multitask pretty well since my younger days, MOST of my work are now partially done and at the end of the day, they are not the quality that I had hope for. Yes, it’s right to say that even all my achievements are “half-a-dust” standard and I want to improve on it.

So, is multi-tasking really useful? I believed different people have different opinions about it. How about sharing your experiences below?

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