If You Have Never Made an Artichoke, Read This!


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Artichokes are a mystery to many American dinner tables. They really should not be as they are very nutritious and can be a lot of fun to eat. These interesting veggies are high in fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, and biotin. Vitamin A and potassium are also found in artichokes but not as high levels. There isn’t much to cooking artichokes.  Here is a basic example of how to do it.

Believe it or not the artichoke is from the thistle family, and because of this artichokes do have thorns. You can easily remove the thorns by cutting off the tips of the leaves with kitchen scissors. You then can cut off the top fourth to third of the small leaves.  There is not much in these leaves to eat so you may as well remove them.

Start some water boiling and salt the water and add a generous slice of lemon to it. Once the water is boiling add the artichokes. You will leave these in the water until the leaves are easily pulled off this could be as long as 50 minutes. Once you can easily remove a leaf you can carefully remove the artichoke and allow to drain.

I like to melt some butter and add lemon, salt, and pepper to it to dip my artichokes in. What you then do is pull off a leaf you will only be scraping off the bottom part of the leaf that was connected to the artichoke. Dip it into the melted butter and use your teeth to scrape out the white flesh.

After all of the leaves have been scraped, you will be left with a fuzzy “choke” in the middle. You will need to get a spoon and scrape off the fuzz. The fuzz is not edible. After you remove the fuzz you will see the “heart” of the artichoke. The heart is very good to eat. The stem may or may not be to your liking. I personally don’t prefer the flavor.

Artichokes can be a great date night dinner with your significant other as you can have fun feeding each other. Artichokes are very nutritious and well worth the time it takes to prepare and eat them.


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