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April’s Fool !

Oops Sorry ApologiesSorry!!! Have you went through a time in your life when you are pronounced as an April’s Fool for believing the remarks or news or announcement that one’s made on  April the 1st ?

It has even been propagated into a national level kind of jokes as shown in some historic archives.

However, times has change so much that no one seems to care about it anymore . Everyone goes about their daily activities and simply shrugged their shoulder when reminded that today is the first day of April.

Most regular computer users also know that April 1st is the day the Conficker Virus will gets activated. But, generally, they too played down the seriousness of the virus.

Regardless of this, people still goes about learning more about their computer,  learning how to make money on the web, socializing on the net and many other activities without any reservation at all.

I am also very sure that there are many people like me, who are constantly engaged reading emails, twittering or reading some other social networking forums with sea of offers screaming for our attention but I choose to ignore all the links or recommendations they made today, not because I am worried of activating the Conficker virus, but to avoid getting an email that says “You have just made $100K” as I know that if I clicks on it, the message will just shows “April’s Fool”

“Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else !” — Will Rogers

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