How Can I Save Money On My Heating Bills?

Saves Money on Winter Heating Bills

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As we close out winter and welcome the approach of spring, you might realize that you have spent the winter complaining about heating costs and wondering where all that heat goes. Actually, it is not magical, the way heat leaves your house, and neither is it all that difficult to understand. Furthermore, it is not difficult to turn things around, so that a lot less heat leaves your house than has been leaving it all winter. For the rest of this winter, for next winter, and even for the summer, this knowledge will help you keep your energy costs down, as the heat and air conditioning stay in and the outside air stays out.

Even if every one of your windows is closed, they are still the biggest escape point for heat to leave your house! One way to combat this problem is to always keep the blinds drawn over your windows; of course, you might prefer to let the sunlight in, but remember that is costing you money! Storm windows on the outside – instead of screens – can also help to keep the cold air out and the heat in. Also, consider purchasing such window films as Energy Film Window Film, which goes over your window to help keep the heat inside.

If your walls and roof are not well-insulated, you will lose a lot of heat through them; although it costs money to fix this problem in your house, the money spent will save you money down the road.

Finally, heat escape through the doors in your house – around the edges of them, where there are cracks that let the outside air in. Think about whether there are any doors in your house you rarely use during the winter; if there are, consider sealing the edges of these doors until the warm months come.

In order to make sure that your house it not losing heat, it might cost you a bit of time, a bit of work, and even a bit of money. But once your heating bills stop going up, you will realize that the work and the investment paid off, and you will be able to enjoy the warmth of your home without paying for it through the nose!

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