Give Hydroponics a Try!

Give Hydroponics a Try!

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Hydroponics can be an interesting project to try at home. People may be familiar with the term hydroponics as it refers to tomatoes grown primarily in water. It is a misnomer that plants must absolutely have soil to grow and survive.  Plants can grow in water if the water contains enough nutrients in it for the plant to absorb. To get a good understanding of hydroponics a great book to read is “Hydroponics for the home gardener”.

There are systems such as “Hydrofarm Grow Light System” that make it easy to grow hydroponic plants. There are any number of plants that can be grown in hydroponic systems. Typically you still need a medium for the roots to be in little clay beads known as “Hydronton” is one such medium. There are no soil involved. You can submerge a pot filled with these clay beads into a Tupperware container containing two to three inches of nutrient rich water for a quick and easy way to create a hydroponic system. You can also use gel such as “Crystal Magic Soil”.

Hydroponics are used by growers for a number of reasons. 

First of all you know exactly what is in your water. Basically you know what you place into your water. Plus many people say that growing vegetables in hydroponics makes them taste considerably better. You could try so many different types of veggies to experiment what grows well for you. You could consider starting to grown plants like tomatoes, herbs, celery, and lettuce as these all have been proven to grow well. Remember you are not limited to veggies! You can easily propagate houseplants for friends using this same method. Plants like devils ivy would take very well to using hydroponics for multiplying them.

If you have any interest in hydroponics, give it a try! If you learn to use hydroponics you can have fresh herbs and even fresh tomatoes year round. The initial investment can be very cheap if you set up your own system.

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