Energy-Saving Light Bulbs: Why They’re A Good Buy

Perhaps you have seen energy-saving light bulbs in the lighting section of your local hardware store or grocery store and thought, “Why would anyone buy those when they’re more expensive?” Actually, there are several reasons why someone would buy energy-efficient light bulbs, and – believe it or not – cost is actually one of these reasons!

Of course, even before cost is factored in, there is the big factor that using energy-efficient light bulbs uses less energy! During this time when environmentally-conscious behavior has become more highly valued, this fact alone should be enough to sway you. Not because “going green” makes you look cool to other environmentally-conscious people, but really, it should be because going green is actually important. If we do our part to protect the environment now, we will find that it is in better shape down the road.

Of course, if the whole environmental factor is not enough to push you toward buying energy-saving light bulbs, consider this also: it will save you money! While you spend more money on CFL or LED light bulbs than you would on incandescent bulbs, the latter also uses more wattage. For instance, a 40 watt incandescent bulb and a 10 watt CFL bulb give off the same amount of light. This means that, for every hour you use the incandescent bulb, you could use four hours with the CFL for the same amount of money. If every light fixture in your house had a CFL bulb instead of an incandescent bulb, you would be cutting the lighting portion of your electricity bill down 75%!

Along the same line as the positive of “money saving” is the fact that these energy-saving bulbs last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs! You will not only save money each month on your energy bill, but you will also save money by buying light bulbs less often – more than making up for the few extra dollars you spent on the CFL bulbs. And an added bonus of these bulbs that last so long is the fact that you will not have to change your light bulbs nearly as often as before. Because, if truth be told, no one enjoys fiddling around in those light fixtures, changing light bulbs.

If you choose to make the switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, you can protect the environment, save money, and keep yourself from having to change light bulbs all the time. And those are three excellent reasons for making the switch!

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