Computer Beginners On Twitter

Computer Beginner in Twitter

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For the past few days, I was exploring the Internet for a way to find people who are new to the Internet or even a computer beginners and I was surprised that I actually found them on Twitter.

As there are all sorts of Twitterians in the Twitting Communities, searching for these Computer beginners can be rather time consuming. For a start, I search for Twitterians providing similar niche such as Computer Servicing, Repairs, Consultancy, Hardware Setups and other IT related subjects. These followers do comprises of Seasoned users as well as those who are totally new to computer completely. I merely follow them and as a result, attract those who wants to Learn More About Computer to start following me. Ultimately, I will lead them to my website which provides FREE training so that they can become more technical savvy in the long run.

If you know anyone who is kin to pick up any computer knowledge as a Beginner, you certainly can do them a favor by re-directing them to a website that can educate them on the know-how of a Computer and its usage.

Its a matter of time before the website attracts more Computer Beginners who wants to Learn More About Computer to improve their IT knowledge.

My appreciation and thanks to you in advance for coming by!

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