Buy A Personal Computer Or Build One Yourself?

Just look inside any computer casing and you will see all those wires and components similar to looking at your car engine area after opening up its bonnet. It can be terrifying just thinking about assembling them all together on your own.

Not to worry! Even though they are the products of advanced technology, the various pieces of a personal computer (PC) fit together with simple connections. If you can use a screwdriver and follow simple instructions, you can actually build your own PC.

Do not be intimidated with the assembly of these components or peripherals. Most of the attachments are properly designed and molded making it almost impossible to fit them the wrong way. If you have ever assembled a child’s toy, you are more than capable of assembling a computer.


What Are The Pro and Con Of Assembling Your Own Computer?

Advantages Of Building Your Own

You are probably asking yourself why anyone would bother to build a PC. After all, you can buy a cheap one in almost any retail store or you can buy those off-the-shelf components or peripherals too.

If cost is your only consideration, you probably are better off buying one of those cheap machines. But if you have any special requirements for software or hardware, you’ll benefit from the total control over the type and quality of components you get from building your own PC.

Although you probably can’t match the price of the cheapest pre-assembled PC, once you begin adding on the inevitable customized hardware, the costs will go up anyway but it still seems cheaper when compared to a fully assembled one with the right software and hardware you wanted.

Building your own PC is a great learning experience. You will gain a better understanding of how the various components work together, knowledge that can be useful for troubleshooting of your PC when its giving you problem. When you can pinpoint the problem and fix it yourself, you save money on expensive repair bills.

You are virtually guaranteed to get the best computer when you build your own system. Big retailers often use cheaper OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components to cut down on costs. Components like these can compromise the performance of a computer system. Although you can buy OEM components yourself, the trade-off in reliability and stability is usually not worth it. Branded components are just a bit more expensive, but usually they are well worth the money spent.

Disadvantages of Building Your Own

The major disadvantage in building your own PC is that you don’t get a Support warranty for the system per se. For example, if a malfunctioning motherboard fries your memory chips, you may not be able to get compensation for the damaged memory. If something like this happens with a store-bought system you could probably get the whole computer repaired using the warranty duration.

However, if you buy all your components at the same time from the same retailer, you are more likely to be compensated for this kind of situation.

Time is, of course, a factor. But it is educational time. And if you enjoy tinkering at all, it counts as fun time as well.


Building your own PC has a lot to offer. You’ll be assured of getting the best components available, which translates to the best and most reliable computer for your money. You will learn about computer components and how to choose parts for the best performance. When it comes to servicing your computer, you may be able to solve and fix the problem by yourself.

As for myself, I have utilize this skill to provide freelance technical support to home-users that provides me with the income I need for many years and I rarely face the dilemna that most consumers faced when their PC breaks down. They actually must wait till the next day for service support or assistance if their PC fail in the middle of the night.

Oh, and one final advantage. The bragging rights of telling your friends that you built your own computer is Priceless!


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