Busier But Becomes Slimmer & Healthier !

No Time For Change?

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Have you ever heard of this statement or phrases : “I don’t have time” or  ” I am too busy” ….  I know what you are thinking, “I just said that today.”  We have become so habitual saying it that we have forgotten what it actually meant.

TIME is non-controllable as such no one can claim that they are managing it, however, they can fully utilize time by creating or managing the right event for it.

Allocating the right amount of time for your activities or events will give you a strong feelings that you are “managing” time. According to this expert, Terry Gogna, our daily activities fell into 2 type of events :

Present-Based Events and  Future-Based Events

Present-Based Events allow us to have immediate gratification of what we are doing now but it will NOT cause any significant changes in our present life or lifestyle. It does not create a new or better future !

e.g. Cleaning up of your house everyday, reading the newpaper, listening to Gossip Audio or watching your favorite sitcom.

However, a Future-Based Events can change our life or lifestyle; they generate a new and better future. BUT many people easily get discouraged and quit along the way because the result is not immediate. The results of Future-Based Events “show up” in the future.

e.g. Slimming Routine that last 3 months, picking up phone to contact people regarding your product or business, attending to business talk or seminar.

As for myself, I was busy getting involved in a Weight Management Program which will last for 3 months till I have formed a habit of living and eating healthily. In only 1 1/2 month ( halfway through ) my body and health have changed for the better.

Halfway Result

If I were too busy to do anything during the last 1 1/2 month, do you think I will be what I am today ? This to me is my Future-Based Events. I know I will have an even slimmer and Healthier Body after the next 1 1/2 month into the program.

We all know that the world is full of Obese people of which some has already reached a chronic stage. But are we doing anything about it ? Why not help those around you whom you think should do a thing about it instead of saying “Aiya, no time to inform them lah” or “I don’t think they have the time”. By doing so, you are actually doing them a dis-service because you know what you know and is actually not doing anything about it especially to your loved one, family or friends.

An article posted a few days back on Obesity gives me the urge to do something about it. I am also aware that there are some people who are ignorant of it due to the fact that they were not  internet savvy enough to use the Internet to find such information. You can always help these people to learn more about computer by coming to a website that can assist them in one way or another. Why not visit ? www.prawfeed-marketing.com which was designed to help any new computer users to learn something about it.

The article title I am sharing is “Being overweight can cut women’s life expectancy” which to me is also applicable to the men as well. To shorten the title, it actually meant :   Obesity = Short Life !

As an Obese myself, I know the difficulties we faced everyday in terms of fitness, illness or lifestyle. Why not do something for yourself, loved one, family or friends so that you not only becomes busier ( making friends or money ) but you also becomes slimmer and healthier day after day.

Cheers !


“You must see your goals clearly and specifically before you can set out for them. Hold them in your mind until they become second nature.” – Les Brown

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