Blogging Can Be A Huge Problem

Blogging FrustrationWow, it’s been 10 months since I last posted an article here for my readers and I am extremely shameful and apologetic about it too. As I was focusing more on my blog, it’s natural that procrastination takes over whenever I thought of writing something here.

Blogs are meant to be an area where people can share their ideas and interests with others around the globe but with the Social Media platform, many have chosen a less burdensome way of communicating with their readers or visitors IMHO. Blogs have become chaotic, confusing, and less-interactivity. Many articles that I wrote no longer attracts comments from the visitors and appending a “Care to comment…” paragraph seems futile too.


Blogging Frustration

Each and every time when I want to write something, the mental block is something I have to counteract first then the motivation to write something good then subconsciously, the usage of grammar and things like that sets in. But is it true that if my grammar is not good then I will not attract the right visitors?

This seem to be the case when I submit article to famous article directories that keeps “throwing back” my article for grammatical error correction until I stops submitting anymore. Do I have to be PERFECT in English to be able to blog well? I certainly do not think so!

Due to the lack of respond from readers of my blogs, sometimes I can’t help wondering if my article are of any use at all. Is it helpful or useful to anyone? Or is it so bad that people refuse to read it? I have a cliche which I love to use when I gets frustrated with people to whom I am communicating with but have a lackluster response – “Even the wall ECHO back when I talk to it directly”

A veteran Internet Blogger once mentioned that having a blog is a responsibility; it’s a shared diary for the whole community. How can I form a relationship if I only write in my blog once a millennium? For that, I apologize once more!

As blogging are a real chance to communicate regularly with others with similar views to myself. I’d really like to hear what you’ve got to say whenever you read something on this blog. It’s not easy when communication is one-way but I hope things will improve soon. My only concern is that it does not become like a “chat room” as seen on some blogs.

If you have any intention to blog then my advise is for you to assess how passionate are you about writing something for a long period of time. As for myself, this is not something I am strong at but I had persisted for almost 4 years by now, if an “old” guy like me can do it, why not you?

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