Beware of Message To Upgrade Your Singnet !

Beware of those FAKE MESSAGE From Singtel

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Being a computer user on the Internet is like a Soldier treading on a  Minefield that is fully covered with mines, or Virus or Spyware as seen  in the Internet world.

We must always be aware and learn about computer related issues such as the above and worse still, identifying the hoaxer or conned artist who tries to trick you into giving away your Username and Password.

In recent weeks, and almost every 2 days I will received an email from someone disguising as SingNet Admin asking me to furnish my “Username” and “Password” in order to upgrade my SingNet Account. As I have encountered this many times, naturally I will delete it or treat them as SPAM whenever possible.

Suddenly it occurs to me that there might be some Singnet Users out there who will respond to it without hesitation, these could be those newly registered user to the broadband services or someone who seldom surf enough to detect or suspect that such malicious or underhand methods exist.

Worse still, such email messages still manage to elude the Singnet ( ISP ) “security filled” server before reaching us.

My advise to anyone who received such a message to, first,  look at the Sender Name which is usually very suspicious. Then delete it without hesitation or report them as SPAM


Call Singnet Hotline (or your ISP) to verify if such a message was sent. Report it there and then regarding such mail.

Most of the time, it is a HOAX !

Whether you are very experience or a beginners who started to explore the Internet World, you must be aware that there are people out there who will do such unscrupulous act for their own agenda.

If you are new to computer or the internet, you can visit this website which could provide you with sufficient information for you to become more technical savvy. If you are striking out to venture whether you can make money from the Internet then I hope the information appended here and in the future will be sufficient enough for you to make your own informed judgement in your undertakings.

Be properly equipped before you step into the battlefield !

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