Are You Really A Lost Generation?

Frankly speaking, I don’t really know if I am one of them too but it is CLEARLY evidence that in life, we do need MONEY for everything that comes along our way. We have no choice but to make money in order to survive. If we can make it then we have a better lifestyle but if we don’t, we will struggle like your parent or grandparent.

Read this article by Derek Thompson of The Atlantic to understand the danger or predicament that you are in, if you’re in your early teen and yearning to get a University Degree so that you can have that “high paying job”.

As for those who are already in your working age, between 22 to 27, you already have some idea why it is not easy for you  to get that lucrative job anymore. The competition ratio to find a simple job is too huge today.

However, do not despair as there is hope! Watch this video for some inspiration:


Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed

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Story extracted from CopyCat Marketing 101 by Burke Hedges:

Copycat Marketing 101: How to Copycat Your Way to Wealth

In life, Do not be like the Processionary Caterpillar, an insect that are great at copycatting the behavior of their fellow caterpillars. They are so good at it that they are always following each other, one after the other, end to end, for miles at times.

A scientist in France conducted an experiment to test the strength of the Processionary Caterpillar’s herd instinct. He placed several caterpillars on the rim of a large flowerpot filled to the brim with the caterpillars’ favorite leafy food source and an abundance of water.

Sure enough, the caterpillars began following the lead caterpillar round and round the rim of the flowerpot. They marched ahead without  pause … hour after hour … day after day.

Amazingly, food and water were inches away from the caterpillars. Yet their instinct to follow was so strong, not a single one of the Processionary Caterpillars would break formation. After seven days of endless marching, all the caterpillars died from exhaustion.


Who Are You Choosing To CopyCat in Life?

Like the Processionary Caterpillar, we human beings have a strong herd instinct too. That’s why we are such great copycatters. Fortunately we can think! And because we can think and reason, we make choices that will change our life for the better.

With my exposure to the conventional working world and  business world  that includes internet marketing, network marketing or direct sales. My personal choice is still with Network Marketing because it is the most realistic business model that anyone can leverage on to change the situation that they are in today. For a more in-depth understanding of Network Marketing, you can visit my blog at or read some of those articles here.

My wish is that you will size up your situation today and make a wise choice for your future.


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