Advantages of a Point and Shoot Camera

Advantages of a Point and Shoot Camera

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You don’t need to purchase the most expensive DSLR camera to take nice pictures. The point and shoot camera has a number of things to offer over the DSLR. You honestly will not be able to reproduce the level of quality of a DSLR compared to a compact point and shoot.

This quality trade off is worth it when you consider the size of a DSLR compared to a compact or subcompact point and shoot. It is a worthwhile option to have the versatility of being able to quickly toss your camera in a pocket before you go for hike. Also there are other places, like the beach, where I wouldn’t want to take my DSLR. I have a tendency of being rough and tumble when I am outdoors and having a compact camera is more ideal for me.

One of the biggest differences is the price of a point and shoot versus the DSLR. I find it easier to worry less if I am a bit rough on my camera since a point and shoot costs considerably less. To get a very nice DSLR you can pay upwards of $1000, especially if it has interchangeable lenses. A decent point and shoot will normally run you around $200.

Point and shoot are have a more user friendly interface for operation. Typically using a point and shoot is intuitive and mostly automatic. This can be the best option for a beginner photographer. Professional photographers also tend to appreciate a good point and shoot for some of their advantages. A number of models include both user friendly modes along with more advanced options.

When you are looking at purchasing a camera it can be hard to decide what really works best for you. A four-thirds camera can be a great option for those looking for something that shoot better quality than a compact or subcompact but isn’t quite  These cameras emobody the best of both worlds. They take a better qualiity picture than a sub compact but are smaller than a DSLR.

Ultimately you need to decide what your needs are. If you are active and without the need of a professional level camera, a point and shoot will defiinately be your best option. On the other hand if you are looking to get professional quality pictures then you should consider a DSLR.


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