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Hi, my name is William Siong, 57 and I am the owner of the following websites:

Prawfeed Marketing

Make Money Smartly

William Siong Personal Blog

I am from Singapore in South East Asia, a tiny small dot island on the world atlas.


The purpose of Prawfeed Marketing (created 7 years ago from scratch and still sustaining the ‘newbie’ outlook) is to share updates, information and provide a gateway for all first-time users of a computer system so that they can become more technically savvy and have the confidence to utilize the web to get what they want. Many people are getting smarter and sometimes that is the reason of their downfall too 😉 because they became too smart and refused to learn more than they should.


As for Make Money Smartly blog, it is a culmination of events or experiences gained during these past 7 years of my Internet Marketing as well as Network Marketing functions that provides me with sufficient information to share with everyone here who wants to make money smartly online or offline without the need to ‘run around like a headless chicken’.


The WilliamSiong Personal Blog was initially setup to act as a center of activities for everything I had done online but over time, it was like a duplicate effort and time-waster. For now, it will be having more personal information which most common folks, like yourself, can co-relate. It will also be beef-up with tips, tricks and useful information pertaining to Health, Self-Development and whats-not.


I hope that these websites can become useful to you and that you will benefit from whatever freebies, suggestions or recommendations made available to you. Do your due diligence before trusting my intention fully!


As for visitors or readers who are seeking for more detailed or technical advises regarding their IT development, my suggestion is that you look for  your answers via the Yahoo or Google Search Engine and especially YOUTUBE as there will be plenty of professional videos which could easily guide you. You can even post your questions here and I will point you towards the URL links for your answer, whichever is possible.


Who is William Siong?

For years I have been finding ways to share my knowledge in IT or Leadership Training with my fellow JOB colleagues but it’s not ‘everyone’s cup of tea’ and the frustration makes me seek for a better way until my involvements with Networking Marketing or MLM. I had learn that sharing of information via network of distributors and customers to help each other can really be  rewarding. That led me to create the Make Money Smartly blog so that I can impart some of those knowledge I had gained over these the years to anyone who is willing to learn or benefit from it.


Every journey begins with a single step and if I had not make it a point to learn about website building using Blogger and eventually acquired a Domain Name and Hosted on a Server to create my first WordPress Blog then you would not be reading this now. Yes the journey had been very tough and unrewarding at times but the milestone gained had allowed me to become knowledgeable with Internet Marketing and its technical know-how. I did not quit because of the technical difficulties that many online marketers faced!


If you had that instinct or urge to do something online and make a difference yourself then my wish is that you learn a thing or two from my blogs. And, if you are someone who is a go-getter (some leader like to call them ALPHA worker) than may I humbly request you to get my Systematic Internet Marketing Technical Training Video Course so that it can jump-start you to become an Online Marketer in a short time! Yes the price is still at $47 but proof your purchase to me via email and I will give you a huge BONUS!


Have a pleasant time reading my articles or information provided on these blogs (remember to bookmark them!) You are most welcome to contribute your story here to benefit the other visitors or readers too. Just send to william [{|ADD|}]prawfeed-marketing.com

Thank you once again for your visit and hope to see you soon!


Cheers and have a Charged Life!

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“Don’t wallow in [ a setback]. View it as an opportunity to do things differently. The goal is not to make the same mistake twice. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn the lesson and move on.” — Carly Fiorina




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